OnApp v5.0 – available now

New release cycle. New stats. New Federation UI. Even more robust.

The best OnApp yet.

OnApp has been tested, hardened and proven in thousands of production cloud deployments – and v5.0 is the most robust version of OnApp yet. We’ve devoted thousands of hours to fixes and improvements, and to hardening existing functionality.

OnApp v5.0 also introduces some great new features and a brand new release schedule that’ll make it easier than ever to manage your cloud platform. Scroll down for more info – and check out the release notes for the full list of changes.

For OnApp customers:

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Visit docs.onapp.com for upgrade instructions from previous versions. Please pay particular attention to the different upgrade paths for cloud boot, static, and mixed cloud boot/static hypervisors – and for HA and non-HA clouds.

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Visit the OnApp support portal to join the upgrade queue. We perform upgrades from 08:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT, Monday to Friday.

Please note that we deal with the upgrade queue sequentially, so your upgrade date may move if previous upgrades take less or more time than expected. If you require a specific date or time for your upgrade, including out-of-hours, you might like to try our scheduled upgrade service below. 

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If you’re new to OnApp:

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OnApp v5.0 is our first Long Term Support (LTS) release. Now you can choose how to manage your OnApp environment:

  • Long Term Support (LTS) releases are designed for customers that value stability and predictability over new functionality. We guarantee support for each LTS release until the next LTS release, at which point you’ll need to upgrade.
  • Latest Releases – are smaller, more regular updates that introduce a specific new feature to OnApp, designed for customers that want to keep their OnApp platform at the cutting edge. We will support these until the next Latest Release or LTS release (whichever comes first) – at which point you’ll need to upgrade.


OnApp v5.0 introduces upgraded statistics for resource usage in your cloud.

It provides graphs of CPU, Memory, Vitual Servers and other resources, so you can track usage trends for a given time period.

OnApp v5 statistics

OnApp Federation tiers.

The OnApp Federation‘s price/performance tiers are now much easier to browse through the OnApp v5.0 control panel.

The Dev tier is designed for non-production workloads. The Pro tier is for production workloads. The Enterprise tier is for mission-critical workloads that need the highest resilience and performance.

Each tier has different pricing, and different mandatory requirements for OnApp cloud providers selling through the OnApp Federation.


In OnApp v5.0, your customers can can create/delete MySQL databases and users for Application Serverswithout having to log into a console – so even customers who aren’t familiar with MySQL can manage databases like a pro, via the OnApp control panel.

OnApp v5 application server database management


OnApp v5.0 also adds enhanced billing models for service providers using VMware vCloud Director.

  • Pay-As-You-Go billing for resource pools, which can be charged per used resources
  • Contract-Plus-Burst billing, allowing you to charge based on used resources, but with a set contracted amount as a free allocation

OnApp v5.0 collects additional metering statistics, too, so you can integrate the raw data into you own billing engine if you wish.


With OnApp v5.0 you can now create a global theme for your OnApp UI, and use it across the whole platform.

By uploading a single CSS file you can completely change the look of your OnApp portal.

Resell cloud with the OnApp VSP dashboard