OnApp v5.2 introduces Cloud Motion - migrate cloud workloads across the OnApp Federation

OnApp v5.2 introduces Cloud Motion to the OnApp Federation, our global network of public and private clouds.

Now you can use OnApp to migrate cloud workloads between providers and infrastructure types in the OnApp Federation, with a couple of clicks. Yet another reason why OnApp clouds offer the most innovative, flexible way to host applications for customers and users…

Also in this release: OVA import, a new notification center, CentOS 7 support, new Windows templates and enhanced vApp provisioning customization. Check out the release notes for the full list of changes.

OnApp v5.2 is a Latest Release. Latest Releases add new and beta features to OnApp on a regular basis. The most recent Long Term Support release is OnApp v5.0.

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OnApp v5.2 Cloud Motion - migrate workloads around OnApp clouds


OnApp v5.2 introduces the beta of Cloud Motion, which enables enterprises to move cloud workloads between locations on the OnApp Federation – our global network of public and private clouds.

Cloud Motion brings unprecedented flexibility to companies hosting applications in the cloud, by enabling them to move workloads easily between suppliers and regions, and across infrastructure with different price, performance, compliance characteristics.


OnApp v5.2 makes it easy to migrate workloads into OnApp using the standard OVA file format. Now your clients can export to OVA (for example, from an on-premise cloud, or a platform like VirtualBox) and upload into OnApp in the same way you can upload an ISO.

As a cloud provider, you can also use OVAs provided by many software vendors to use in OnApp as templates for virtual server deployment.

OnApp v5.2 - import VMs from legacy clouds via OVA
Customizing vApp deployment with OnApp Recipes for software installation


With OnApp v5.2, you can automate software deployment for vCloud Director users during provisioning. No need for your NOC to log into the server and run a script – you can give customers pre-prepared Recipes (scripts) that they can choose to run on deployment.

We’ve also updated our provisioning wizard for vCD to enable guest customization on first deployment, which can then be automatically disabled afterwards.


There’s a new notifications system in OnApp v5.2, which provides customizable, subscription-based alerts to a range of OnApp events, which can be shown in the UI and delivered by email.

This release of the notification center focuses on system event notifications for OnApp cloud providers. Future releases will enable cloud providers to customize notifications for their clients, too.

OnApp v5.2 notification center - customizable, subscription communications driven by a range of OnApp events
OnApp v5.2 allows you to customize the dashboard (here shown with vCD and core OnApp cloud stats) and change the data shown in other key screens


  • New UI customization options for the dashboard, which can now show your preferred mix of statistics for core OnApp cloud and vCloud Director, and for tables in key OnApp screens, which can now show your preferred columns
  • The ability to edit NAT rules in vCloud Director Edge Gateways
  • CentOS support for the OnApp controller server, backup servers and static KVM hypervisors (CentOS 5 will be EoL at the end of March 2017)
  • Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 support for virtual servers