OnApp already automates cloud orchestration, provisioning and management. But growing your cloud business isn’t just about cloud infrastructure. It’s about the services you add on top –  so we’ve automated that, too.

OnApp v5.3 brings Service Add-Ons to the OnApp cloud platform – making it easy to sell apps and managed services along with your  cloud servers.

We’ve also added new virtual server gateway functionality, new features to OnApp Storage, OnApp CDN, OnApp Accelerator, and more. Check out the release notes for the full list of changes!

OnApp v5.3 is a Latest Release. Latest Releases add new and beta features to OnApp on a regular basis. The most recent Long Term Support release is OnApp v5.0.

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OnApp v5.3 - assigning service add-ons


Service Add-Ons give you an easy way to offer billable application services and managed services on top of OnApp virtual servers. For example, an add-on install of a database or security application, or a managed Linux or Windows service.  

The services available are displayed and managed using a single Service Catalog, also new in OnApp v5.3. Billing and permissions for your add-on services are controlled in just the same way as other OnApp cloud features.


Virtual Server Gateways allow you to secure VM-to-VM traffic, something which is normally prevented by OnApp’s security engine.

Now you can create private network zones for customers, who can have multiple virtual servers communicating with each other and with a public network via a gateway.

For example, your customers could deploy firewalls, load balancers and VPN machines in front of private networks, with secure access to the outside world.

Virtual Server Gateways in OnApp v5.3
OnApp v5.3 - now with auto-healing for datastores using OnApp's distributed storage system


The vast majority of new OnApp cloud deployments use OnApp Storage, the distributed SAN built into our platform, because it’s an extremely fast, cost-effective and resilient storage solution for your cloud. 

We’ve upgraded our storage maintenance features in OnApp v5.3. Now you can configure OnApp Storage datastores to automatically heal themselves if they have degraded disks. The system provides notification that this is happening, and once the repair is complete also provides a status update. 


We’ve expanded the range of available CDN reports in OnApp v5.3. There’s a new CDN overview page with cache statistics, status codes and bandwidth statistics available at a glance.

OnApp v5.3 also adds HTTPS support to OnApp Accelerator, our “instant CDN” feature for web apps running in virtual servers. Now your customers can automatically publish HTTPS web content to our global Content Delivery Network with a single click – no CDN expertise required.

Enhanced CDN reporting in OnApp v5.3
Managing vApps via the OnApp UI


  • For vCloud Director, you can now upload ISOs to a client’s catalog, and the Recompose wizard now enables guest customization set-up, and recipes
  • “Zone type” is now extended across all primary zones, with a new VPC zone type for vCloud Director
  • Better transaction change tracking – now it’s easier to see what’s changed with virtual server edits, vdisk resizes, firewall rule edits and more
  • CentOS 7 support for Cloudboot hypervisors
  • RDNS support