I like to move it, move it…

OnApp v5.4 - say no to lock-in. No cloud is bastion. So give clients the ability to move it, move it...

It’s all about Virtual Server (VS) migration in the latest version of the OnApp cloud management platform – OnApp v5.4.

OnApp v5.4 brings Cloud Motion out of beta, enabling instant VS migration across the world and bringing a new level of mobility to cloud workloads. We’ve also enabled VS migration between local resources within an OnApp cloud – across zones, or from local storage to local storage. Noisy neighbors causing problems? We have you covered with new IOPS limiting features. Want to expand your vCloud Director service? Now you can offer Private/Public CDN and OnApp Application Servers too.

There’s much more… scroll down for more info, and check out the release notes for the full list of changes.

OnApp v5.4 is a Latest Release. Latest Releases add new and beta features to OnApp on a regular basis. The most recent Long Term Support release is OnApp v5.0.

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Please note: OnApp v5.4 includes networking upgrades that change the API. These changes may impact your existing integrations with OnApp. You can see the list of API changes here, and there’s more advice about network changes and upgrades here. Please contact support if you need more information.

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Migrate virtual servers across zones – as well as the existing hot and cold migration options in OnApp, you can now cold migrate VSs and their storage across zones, for optimal workload placement and/or hardware maintenance

Cloud Boot maintenance mode – automates VS removal from hypervisors, and physical disk removal from datastores, to make it easy to remove Cloud Boot servers for maintenance or replacement

New networking structure – we’ve improved networking across the board, paving the way for IPv6 improvements and SDN in future releases

Please note: API changes associated with these networking upgrades may impact existing integrations with OnApp. You can see the list of API changes here, and there’s advice about network changes and upgrades here. Please contact support if you need more information.


IOPS limiting – set a max IOPS per vDisk in the datastore to enforce limits for different storage tiers – and override this for individual vDisks, providing fine grained control

Move vDisks – if you need to reinstall a VM on a different OS, you can move its vDisk to the new VM and copy the data across

Back up obscure virtual servers – now you can back up VSs even if OnApp knows nothing about the underlying OS (e.g. because it’s an OVA import) – with no agent or VS configuration needed


NSX edge support – now you can manage the advanced NSX edges introduced in vCloud Director 8.2

OVA & ISO in catalogs – we’ve added the ability to upload OVA & ISO into a catalog for your customers, and new user-friendly workflows for that process

Application Servers – previously a Xen/KVM-only feature, you can now deploy OnApp Application Servers in vCD, via the OnApp UI

CDN edge servers – deploy CDN edge nodes in your vCD environment to build your own private CDN – or to sell public CDN resources via the OnApp Federation

Application Servers - now supported for vCloud Director in OnApp v5.4
OnApp v5.2 Cloud Motion - migrate workloads around OnApp clouds


Cloud Motion – migrate workloads across the world, on demand! Cloud Motion is now out of Beta, and available for all Federation virtual servers running OnApp Storage

Recipes – OnApp’s built-in scripting system now works with virtual servers in the OnApp Federation, too

Ratios for Federation servers – now you can rationalize the relative amount of CPU/RAM for virtual servers provisioned on Federation zones


Finally, we’ve been busy improving the licensing dashboard OnApp customers use to manage their OnApp products and payments:

Unified CDN and cloud billing – we’ve merged our billing process for OnApp CDN and cloud products – now CDN and cloud appear on the same invoice

One account view – we’ve brought all of your OnApp account information into a single screen, so it’s much easier to manage your invoices

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your account manager!

OnApp licensing dashboard