New Governance Tools. Service Insertions. vCenter Beta.

OnApp v5.5 is available now!  New in this release: a transaction approval system for easier cloud governance; service insertions, which enable you to bring third party portals into OnApp; and the public beta of OnApp vCenter support.

This is the first ‘stable’ release in our new product release cycle (you can read more about that here). We’ve updated and improved the myriad new features added since v5.0 (containers, cloud motion, importing, notifications, service add-ons and much more).

Check out the release notes for the full list of changes.

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OnApp v5.5 now features transaction approvals, so you can require management approval for user resource requests. The main use case here is cost control – any OnApp transaction related to a VM, or a vApp, that has an associated cost, can now require approval.

Together with OnApp’s transaction logging, change tracking and change logging features, this  brings enhanced governance to private and public clouds running on OnApp. 


Our new Service Insertion Framework extends the service add-ons functionality first introduced in OnApp v5.3. Now you can create add-on services in your cloud that make calls to external systems, and bring external SaaS portals into OnApp – for example, your helpdesk tool or invoicing system. These can be set up with single sign-on to provide an even more seamless, unified experience for your users.  

OnApp v5.5 also includes the ability to run recipes (OnApp scripts) on the control panel server, with additional notification functionality and two new Event types. Together, these enable you to call an external system – for example, to tie a VM to a monitoring system – and allow notifications to be sent to teams when a particular service has been added or removed from a VM, so any additional work required can be completed by your team.


OnApp v5.5 includes a number of handy new features for service providers using OnApp as their customer portal for vCloud Director.

As well as bringing the new service add-ons and Service Insertion Framework features to vCD – and the new transaction approval/governance features – OnApp v5.5 also introduces support for ‘system-owned’ vApps, and adds new power actions for VMs/vApps in vCloud Director.

Application Servers - now supported for vCloud Director in OnApp v5.4
OnApp for vCenter


Also in this release, we’re excited to announce that our new VMware vCenter integration has now entered public beta. Now you can add OnApp to any vCenter environment to get the benefits of OnApp’s intuitive front-end portal, multi-cloud support, enhanced billing and much more.

You can find more information about OnApp for vCenter here. To test the beta, contact us or talk to your account manager!


OnApp Cloud:

  • OVA Import – we’ve added the ability to import Windows machines, and new disk formats: IMG, VHD, RAW and VDI. You can also set OVA templates to allow hot migration.
  • XFS Support for secondary disks
  • UEFI support for KVM cloud boot hypervisors.
  • Fast Disk Resync (Tech Preview) – a new checkpoint system for datastores that makes repairs and resyncs significantly faster
  • Wildcard support for IP assignment – enables you to assign multiple IPs to a user at once from a range

OnApp CDN:

  • Federation Accelerator – virtual servers running in the OnApp Federation can now take advantage of one-click CDN, using OnApp Accelerator
  • Purge/Prefetch status – now you can track the progress of purge/prefetch requests made to OnApp CDN
OnApp v5.2 - import VMs from legacy clouds via OVA