Five VMware cloud enhancements you can't live without...

Webinar Replay

OnApp makes VMware clouds easier to manage, use and sell. The latest version of OnApp brings self-service to vCenter, easy multi-cloud management to vCloud Director, and enhanced billing, export and usability for both VMware vCenter and vCloud Director environments. Watch the webinar replay to learn more!


00:00 – Welcome, Agenda
01:57 – Quick introduction to OnApp
03:21 – Key challenges for VMware cloud providers
06:33 – OnApp v6 for VMware clouds
07:03 – Bringing self-service to vCenter
10:30 – Multi-vCloud mode for vCloud Director
11:15 – Management and UX enhancements
13:45 – Enhanced billing & easy billing export
15:04 – Migrating from VMware to KVM
16:40 – OnApp for vCenter – special offer
17:03 – Q&A

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